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Site Review: Carolyn A. Land

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Nature Represented and Abstracted

By Richard Malinsky, Arts Editor


Richard Malinksy

Carolyn A. Land is a Florida-based artist focused on nature and the human relationship to it: “I am fascinated by the intricate designs that are created within the small space of one’s vision. The lines, forms, colors, and textures, of the natural elements are what motivate my art.”

She is a versatile artist, working in both representational and abstract styles. Her website is comprised of three categories of works grouped by their medium— Alternative Surfaces, Pastel, and Mixed Media.

Land’s creative experimentation is evident in the Alternative Surfaces category. Discovery of new mediums and textures have contributed to new ways of expressing a mood or feeling. Rich textural surfaces and subtle earth colors reflect the natural function of the world to change, grow, and evolve as is seen in “Meditation”:


meditation art by carolyn a land alternative surfaces

Meditation, Carolyn A. Land. Mixed media, 23″ x 15″

The Pastel category clearly illustrates Land’s emotional attachment to nature. Each of these images reflects a sense of peace and beauty: “I get a great pleasure working with soft pastels.” Technically, she frequently begins with a watercolor underpainting.

“Quiet Time” is a small pastel that invites you to look closer and see the wonders that surround us. However, there is nothing small about this piece aesthetically. Strong abstracted shapes anchor her compositions before the addition of more representational imagery.


quiet time pastel painting carolyn a land reviewed by woven tale

Quiet Time, Carolyn A. Land. 5″ x 7″


Passion for nature rings loud and clear in the Mixed Media group. “The sensuousness of the texture of earth, air, and water, inspire my abstract work,” states Land.  The pieces in the Earthseries are composed dramatically with acrylic and ink, on hand-dyed embellished papers. There is a beautiful rhythm of these geological elements in “Alluvial Fan”:


alluvial fan by carolyn a land mixed media original art daytona beach fl

Alluvial Fan, Carolyn A. Land. 27″ x 27″


Carolyn A. Land has a BA in Art Education and an MA in Education. She has studied with well-known contemporary artists in the field of pastel, and is a frequent exhibitor in juried small and group shows, and solo shows in central and southern Florida.

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