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Knowing Who You Are

“What the artist must aim at above all else is this: to produce, by any process whatever, a work which by the life and humanity emanating from it communicates to the beholder…”   Medardo Rosso In the last blog I wrote about being open to who you are.  You may want to emulate someone, but your…

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Be Open to Who You Are

“It’s when you have found out how to do a certain thing, that its time to stop doing them, because what’s missing is that you are not  including the risk.  The fact is risk is essential to me”    Robert Rauschenberg In the last blog on “Over Thinking”, I mentioned some of the reasons we…

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Are You over Thinking?

“It is not enough for a painter to be a clever craftsman; he must love to ‘caress’ his canvas too”.                             Pierre Auguste Renoir Spontaneous, fresh, natural, clean, vibrant, those are good qualities to have in your artwork. They are also things that…

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Just Passionately Curious

“Through art, mysterious bonds of understanding and of knowledge are established among men “.                Robert Henri All creativity builds on what came before.  We take what we know, what we have learned, experienced, and what has moved us emotionally, and we push the boundaries of that knowledge to…

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That Aha Moment

“The act of creation is a kind of ritual.  The origins of art and human existence lie hidden in the mystery of creation.  Human creativity reaffirms and mystifies the power of life.”                                       Keith Harding I have been…

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