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New Year Wish

Happy New Year! I want to wish all my readers a healthy, happy, and creative New Year. Thank you all for reading the “Creative Spirit” blog, your thoughtful feedback, and support. We have spent the holiday in NYC with my children and 5-week-old grandson Daxton.  It has been an amazing experience making memories that will last…

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Time to See

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season  “There are moments in our lives, there are moments in a day, when we seem to see beyond the usual.  Such are the moments of our greatest happiness.  Such are the moments of our greatest wisdom.  If one could recall his vision by some sort of sign.  It was…

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The Business of Art!

“I was discouraged about life, discouraged about people being blind, but I don’t think I had a day that I ever questioned creativity.  There has never been a day like that.”                                           Louise Nevelson “Andy Warhol famously said. ‘Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.’ Having gotten his…

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Be Bold

“Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together”                             John Ruskin I had the opportunity this week to present a talk with a colleague on the Modern Art Movement.  My colleague had set up an opportunity for the…

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