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The Artists Thought Process

“Good composition is like a suspension bridge; each line, adds strength and takes none away…Making lines run into each other is not composition.  There must be motive for the connection.  Get the art of controlling the observer, that is composition.”  Robert Henri The second question I received regarding “Starting a Painting” was regarding famous artists. …

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Starting a Painting

“To prepare one’s work is first to nourish one’s feelings by studies which have a certain analogy with the picture, and it is through this that the choice of elements can be made.  It is these studies which permit the painter to free his unconscious mind.”                                                          Henri Matisse There are many ways to start a…

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Exploring Your Creative Side

“I like to think of creativity as the sex of out mental lives”.              Dr. Roger Von Oech Many people often say to me I can’t do that, I am not that creative.  Sure, you are!  You just have not tried the thing that sparks your innate creativity.  Many of the same people deny that they…

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Taking a Break

“Painting is a funny business”.       J.M.W.  Turner As artist we all long for people to validate our work.  We are constantly looking for places to show our work, new opportunities to share what we do.  The past 7 months have been that for me. They been an exciting, rewarding, and profitable.  But as I am…

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