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What is Essential?

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”                                  Hans Hoffman How many times have we said: “I should have stopped and hour ago” or “I wish I had not put that in.” …

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Finding Commonality

  “Creation is the artist’s true function: where there is no creation there is no art.”                 Henri Matisse   Art is about telling our story.  We each have a different story; colored by past experiences.  Even children from the same family, who experience the same event, will…

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Aha Moments!

“I believe in an unconscious.  So, it’s possible to say that something causes something and you’re not aware of it.  You just do what you do.”                                                          …

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Your Unique Perspective

“I paint as I feel like painting…An artist has to be spontaneous.”       Edouard Manet We have been discussing getting into our right brain so we can allow our creative spirit to flow.  I read a quote this past week from Victor Frankl’s, “Mans Search for Meaning”.  “Don’t aim at success…the more you aim at it…

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