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Individual Perception

“I take it as a spiritual blessing to have been given an artist’s soul and eyes to see in wonder and awe.”                      Bethany Fields As I was painting at the HUB yesterday during the “First Saturday” event, an elderly gentleman stood watching me. He had been…

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Inspiration or Imitation

“I think that when one is young it is the object, the outside world that fire’s one’s enthusiasm: one is carried away by it.  In later life, it is something within himself, the need to express an emotion, that leads a painter to choose his point of departure, one form rather than another.”     …

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Not Creative?

“When we avoid our creativity, we avoid ourselves.  When we meet our creativity, we meet ourselves.”                      Julia Cameron I meet so many people being out in the art world that say, “I am just not creative! I wish I could do that”!  Yes, you are,…

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Why We Make Art!

“Let the beauty we love be what we do”.                                                          Rumi   I wrote last week about getting back our rhythm after an event that knocks us off our stride.  I said that we should go back, and think about why we painted or created art in the first place…our “Artist Statement”.  Mine, being the intricate…

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