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What is Abstract Art?

  “To abstract is to draw out the essence of a matter.  To abstract in art is to separate certain fundamentals from irrelevant material which surrounds them.”  Ben Shahn   Before we talk about how to create an abstract piece of art, I would like to discuss a little about what it is. What exactly…

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From Realism to Abstraction

“My work is purely autobiographical.  It’s about myself and my surroundings.  It is an attempt at a record.”             Lucian Freud  “Happy New Year”, Readers!  It is exciting to be starting a New Year with you, and continuing our conversation about the “Creative Spirit”. I wish each of you a New…

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Addicted and Need a Fix

“We are not just executors of our work; we live our work.”       Pablo Picasso The Holidays are upon us and each day brings a new “To Do” list.  But I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  It has been 9 days since I taught my last class for this year and…

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“The pictures which do not represent an intense interest cannot expect to create an intense interest.”                    Robert Henri Last week we talked about the blessing of creativity.  However, along with the ability to be creative and think out of the box, comes accountability. We who are creators…

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The Blessing of Creativity

“The act of creation is a kind of ritual.  The origins of art and human existence lie hidden in this mystery of creation. Human creativity reaffirms and mystifies the power of ‘life’.”                                                     Keith Haring     During this Thanksgiving Holiday, we give thanks, and take stock of the blessings…

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