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Starting on the right foot

  “To be an artist is to believe in life.”                     Henry Moore We have been discussing what inspires us to create, and I have frequently said, “paint what you love”. We should pick a subject which inspires us, and we know about, then work to discover all the different ways we can interpret it. If…

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Stages in the Painting Process

“The notion that a painter suddenly imagines a composition expressive of his feelings and straightaway puts it down is untrue.  He begins with a general idea…He proceeds by trial and error…the process is one of exploration as well as expression”.            Joyce Carey I work on more than one painting at a time, and if I…

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Lets Do An Abstract

  “So now the flood gates are open to the delight of pure form, whatever its origin.  Anything goes”.    Phillip Johnson Last week I said that one of the easiest ways to understand the art of abstracting, was to take one of your landscape photographs and reduce it to its simplest shapes and change…

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What is Abstract Art?

  “To abstract is to draw out the essence of a matter.  To abstract in art is to separate certain fundamentals from irrelevant material which surrounds them.”  Ben Shahn   Before we talk about how to create an abstract piece of art, I would like to discuss a little about what it is. What exactly…

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