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The Blessing of Creativity

“The act of creation is a kind of ritual.  The origins of art and human existence lie hidden in this mystery of creation. Human creativity reaffirms and mystifies the power of ‘life’.”                                                     Keith Haring     During this Thanksgiving Holiday, we give thanks, and take stock of the blessings…

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Individual Perception

“I take it as a spiritual blessing to have been given an artist’s soul and eyes to see in wonder and awe.”                      Bethany Fields As I was painting at the HUB yesterday during the “First Saturday” event, an elderly gentleman stood watching me. He had been…

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Inspiration or Imitation

“I think that when one is young it is the object, the outside world that fire’s one’s enthusiasm: one is carried away by it.  In later life, it is something within himself, the need to express an emotion, that leads a painter to choose his point of departure, one form rather than another.”     …

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