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The Emotional Impact of Color

  “Colors like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”                          Pablo Picasso   Color can bring about many powerful emotions, but keep in mind that our life experiences have a lot to do with how we perceive them.  How we use it in our paintings, can bring out different emotions in different people, so it…

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The Mystery of Color

  “Color is one of the great things in this world that makes it worth living…”   Georgia O’Keeffe     Last week’s mention of color brought many responses. So, I thought I would spend the next couple of weeks writing about color: the science of it as well as the emotional use of it. This…

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Open Yourself to Individual Expression

  “Every good artist paints what he is.”                                               Jackson Pollock   There is only one you in all of time, and if you block it, it will not exist.  Stand in your power and let your individuality shine on the pages that you create.  One of the most intrinsic quality in life is that every…

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